Masternodes Core network

What is a MasterNode? ?

No need to stress, we have you covered.

Masternodes are the big earners of the Limitless network. In one way, you can think of a MasterNodes as your own private savings account (You put 4,000,000 VIP into a locked account, its not locked forever you can unlock it at any time! In return you are rewarded with 70% of block rewards). On the other hand, Masternodes are what help secure the community and relay transactions across the network.


Why masternodes?

The most profitable and secure choice.

Masternodes offer higher rewards, a more secure overall network and each VIP transaction must verified by a masternode as well as being confirmed 101 consecutive times by contributors. An attacker would need to own 70.7% of all coins for a 50% chance of double spending or invalidating a single block. A successful proof of work attack would greatly devalue the attacker's assets when discovered. Whereas, a successful PoW attack may cost an attacker only electricity. VIP staking can also be decentralized amongst all of its users and cannot be traced by electricity use, whereas, mining is concentrated within regions where electricity is cheaper. Another.