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VIP is the exclusive currency for services at Limitless - VIP, a VIP Lifestyle and Entertainment agency that leverages blockchain technology as a payment option for services as well as future development Limitless island

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What VIP option suits you best?

Limitless - VIP includes a consensus algorithm for masternodes that gives each masternode owner a vote in the direction Limitless VIP takes. No equipment is needed to mine VIP, all you need is the currency in your wallet for staking, not only does this make VIP much more environmentally friendly than its proof of work cousins, it also means that Limitless VIP has jumped the transition curve in relation to scalability.

Each Limitless - VIP Masternode holds 4 million VIP, gives the holder 1 vote and the benefit of higher rewards over proof of stake earners.
Cloud Staking (POS)
Holding Limitless - VIP VIP in your online account wallet will help you earn 30% of block rewards, the more VIP held the more frequent the rewards.
Desktop Staking (POS)
Holding Limitless - VIP VIP in your Desktop wallet will help you earn 30% of block rewards, the more VIP held the more frequent the rewards.

A Functional User Area 1

Now anyone can be part of the future of cryptocurrency. Limitless VIP are taking things further with their community in mind. Our user dashboard puts the community first with everything all in one place, from support all the way through to exchange.

Limitless API Accelerates Your Digital Transformation 2

A custom built API that functions across all platforms without the need for installing complicated software, full nodes or having to worry about server security. Anyone can accept Limitless as a payment method with our easy to use API and payment gateway. If you’re already receiving Bitcoin payments with blockchain’s API, you already know how to add Limitless support. But wait there’s more, we have a live online chat support team ready to help just in case you need that extra bit of help when things might get a little bit more complicated than we expected it to be.

Enable Strong Governance

Masternode owners vote on decisions, no more centralisation!

Each masternode earns at a higher rate than the rest of network and has a vote in decision making.
Maternode owners are rewarded for supporting development and are recognised site wide.
Top Supporters
We reward community members who support Limitless VIP by buying VIP directly from the developers.
Core Masternode Network

Consensus Algorithm

Limitless - VIP includes a consensus algorithm and a number of other scaling solutions that helps our network stay relevant and scalable.
Blockchain Technology

VIP Blockchain

Industry leading blockchain technology is at the core of Limitless VIP, with additional features currently in development to bring even more value to users and investors alike.

Limitless Radio

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